Suwannee ARC repeater, N4SVC is on 145.410 (-) PL100
N4SVC-R EchoLink Node = 966497.
Our 6M Beacon (N4SVC/B EM80mi) transmits on 50.0625 .

Club Email:

Our Mission Statement

The Suwannee Amateur Radio Club is committed to maintain a sustainable governed Amateur Radio organization in Suwannee County Florida (Live Oak center) that is dedicated to all fundamentals of Amateur Radio operation. In providing a clubhouse with a multi-position Amateur Radio station (N4SVC) and a centralized county Amateur Radio repeater, (N4SVC/R ,PL100) the Club will promote all facets of Amateur Radio activity with its membership and provide service to any government organization that may request auxiliary emergency communications.

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Membership and Contact Information

If you desire information regarding membership please contact Steve - N2CEI (n2cei at downeastmicrowave dot com).

If you are interested in obtaining an Amateur Radio License or wish to test for an Upgrade, please contact Gerald -AA5DK (geraldlguy at gmail dot com) for details.

Our regular meetings are at 7pm on the first Tuesday of every month. If you need further information regarding our meetings and club location please contact Jon - KD4AMP (kd4amp at rocketmail dot com) for details.

For all QSL information with N4SVC, please contact Jon - KD4AMP (kd4amp at rocketmail dot com) or Steve - N2CEI (n2cei at downeastmicrowave dot com).

If you require any technical information regarding the N4SVC clubhouse station or repeater, please contact Steve - N2CEI (n2cei at downeastmicrowave dot com) or Phil - KE4PWE (ke4pwe at gmail dot com)

All Suwannee ARC expenses are financed by membership dues and monetary or equipment donations. If you are not able to join our organization, your donation is always welcome and appreciated. For further information, please contact Sandra - K4SME (k4sme at downeastmicrowave dot com).

2022 Board of Directors

  • Steve Kostro, N2CEI - President
  • Jon Beaver, KD4AMP - Vice President
  • Phil Royce, KE4PWE - communications Director
  • Sandra Estevez, K4SME - Treasusrer

If you have any other questions or comments that are general in nature, please use our club e-mail and someone will reply at thier earliest convenience.